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"I was very impressed with Meredith Boudrie. I had a custody case with some other circumstances surrounding it that was a very tough issue to address. Meredith stayed in constant communication with me keeping me up to date on everything. She was also very good about shining light on what may happen in upcoming court dates, and what should happen so I was never caught by surprise no matter what the outcome was. In the end it all worked out as we did receive the ruling we were seeking." E.E.

"Meredith is by far the most powerful woman I have dealt with. She went way above and beyond to meet the needs of my family case and has cared about not just my case but as me as a person as well and has cared about myself and my whole family! HIGHLY recommended." K.A.

“Recently I was in one of the most terrifying chapters in my life. I was a wreck going into a custody battle as a father. Then I was referred to someone who I would now consider a friend, Meredith Boudrie. She understood, she listened, and she helped. I couldn’t thank her enough for what she has done for me. My son is everything to me and I need him as much as he needs me. I trust Meredith. I couldn’t be happier with my representation. I wouldn’t hesitate on calling CML for help again. Thank You!” B.W.

“When all options to save my marriage were depleted, it took almost two years before I could even consider pursuing marriage dissolution. Whether it was fear of the unknown, denial that things didn’t work out, or just not knowing who to turn to for help, I was in unchartered waters. Words cannot describe the professionalism, integrity, and respect I received from both Duwane and Meredith. It is because of their competent abilities navigation the judicial system that I got through a very difficult chapter in my life. I do not see them just as attorneys working on my behalf, but more like close friends standing alongside me in the time of need. I highly recommend Central Minnesota Law, PLLC for your legal needs.” L.S.

“When going through my divorce I was going through a lot emotionally. After interviewing several lawyers I chose Meredith. She not only made me feel like I was top priority, she cared about my case and the situation. Meredith was there helping me make important decisions and always explaining to me all the options. I could not have done it without the help and support of Meredith and Central Minnesota Law. Their professionalism was amazing, their knowledge and willingness to go the extra mile amazed me. I have such a high respect for Meredith and this firm. They treat you like a person, not just a case. Central Minnesota Law went above and beyond my expectations.”  T.G.

“I was referred to Meredith from a co-worker during a very difficult time. I was in a very ugly situation and needed to end my marriage of 10 years. It was very hard as I had two young children that I had to consider. It was a huge worry as to what this was going to do to them. Meredith was so understanding and helped me every step of the way. She was always there when I had a question or needed her guidance as to what was going to be best for me and my kids. I have since referred Meredith and her law firm to my mother and two close friends. I referred my friend to Meredith for a very unusual frustrating situation. She was willing to take it on and did an outstanding job. She was able to help him settle this issue out of court. It was a long battle, but in the end they won. I highly recommend Central Minnesota Law.” J.V.

“I used Meredith Boudrie as my Attorney in a child custody case against my spouse and was very pleased with my outcome. She was very helpful, courteous and professional. I felt things went very smoothly and effortless on my part. I answered some questions, showed up when I need to and before I knew it we were done.” P.A.

“Going through a divorce is not an easy or enjoyable experience, and mine was no exception. Throughout the entire process, no matter how upset, despondent, or demanding I was( and yes.. I know I was ) Meredith and the staff at Central Minnesota Law were wonderful. From day-one, I was listened to and treated as a person, not just a “client.” They understood and sympathized with what I was going through and most important to me…they believed in me. I would not wish this upon anyone, but if you do have to go through a divorce, you could not pick a better attorney than Meredith and the staff at CML. Thank You!” C.W.​​​

"While needing to hire a lawyer twice is not ideal, I consider myself lucky to have had Meredith as my lawyer for both instances.  In the first case, Meredith did a great job with understanding my financial situation. She was able to advise me, yet still allow me to do as much as I could on my own. I really appreciated that on her part. On the second case, Meredith was patient with me, yet advised me honestly every step of the way, looking out for my best interests, and the best interests of my son, but still understanding the intricacies that come with a difficult child custody case. I appreciated her candor, and also her personal attention to my case. I was very thankful to have Meredith as my lawyer on both cases. One more thing, I had reached out to a lawyer in my area about my case. She was not able to help me out, but she was the one who pointed me in Meredith's direction. She has a reputation as being one of the best." TD

"Meredith represented me while I was going through what seemed to be the hardest thing in my life. A custody case is never easy but I felt confident knowing I had Meredith on my side. She was caring and compassionate and she made sure I understood every aspect of the agreement and possible outcomes. Not only was she very professional, but so personal.  She truly had my family's best intrest. Arin was always super helpful whenever I called with questions and also very caring. They are a fantastic team! I would have Meredith as my advocate in court anytime." MM

"I had the pleasure of working with Meridith during a recent divorce. Everything went extremely smoothly from start to finish and she kept me informed at every step of the process, and checked in frequently to make sure that all of my questions were being answered. Couldn't have asked for a better outcome." BJ

"I hired Meredith to represent me in a divorce/child custody case. Meredith was informative, compassionate, easy to work with, prompt with all her responses and explained everything in a way that I could understand. The whole legal process is long and stressful, but both Meredith and her paralegal made it all less scary. In the end I was highly satisfied with my outcome and I could tell Meredith really cared. She also knew that as a single mother finances were tight for me and she was happy to work with me in that area as well. I would highly recommend her."

"Meredith Boudrie was the lawyer I chose to work on a very complicated estate of my parents who both died nine weeks apart in 2017.  My parents kept very poor records of everything and I have to sort through a desk with thousands of envelopes and papers to find some of the many accounts they had. I believe that because they were both raised in the depression they didn't trust  banks in general, so they had their money spread everywhere including cash hidden at their house.  Complicating things even more was the fact that there was 17 people named on the will. It took me weeks to roundup and  sort through all this paperwork and get it over to the lawyer. She was very understanding and helpful in this time of sadness and frustration. She kept me well informed, which could have been difficult because I live in another state about 1500 miles away. With her work and diligence we were able to get the entire estate finalized in less than a year. This may sound like a long time, but they had over 25 accounts that needed to be cashed in, sold, and transferred to the estate account.   Overall, Meredith and her paralegal that works with her was very professional, thorough, fair, and friendly.  Meredith truly went above and beyond the normal estate administration.  I am so glad that I found such a caring and professional lawyer and would highly recommend her and her team to anyone seeking professional legal help!" DK

"Meredith helped our family through obtaining custody of and adopting our youngest daughter. She also prepared power of attorneys for my husband and myself. She and her paralegal were both knowledgeable and professional. They researched our issue and came up with a plan we all agreed on. They were both warm and caring. We truly felt supported in our endeavor. Meredith even brought a special flower to the adoption hearing for our daughter, making a special occasion." SJ